Sunday, November 1, 2009

13th Post Addendum

In my last post, I probably made it sound like I wasn't going to write anymore, but that is not the case... I was just saying that I wouldn't be talking about the more personal things that surrounded the funeral etc. I will however, continue to tell you about Paige, and what a true living angel we had in our family for 5 years. When I said goodbye, it was to Paige, not the blog...

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Kara Herron said...

Natalie -
I found your blog tonight, and I've read every post. I don't know what to say, except, I'm so sorry. What a strong person you are, and your boys are wonderful. I remember Paige as a cute little toddler - just the most social little butterfly at church. I was struck with how incredibly cute she was every time I saw her! I loved to watch her brothers with her. I've always wanted a little girl, and remembering thinking how lucky you were and how lucky her brothers were to have her. I remember the day someone came to my door and told me what had just happened to your family. It just made me sick. I wish I would have done something for you and your family at that time. There were just so many people around, and I thought I'd just let you rest and try to get better. How stupid of me. I really was thinking about you every day. I remember writing to Grant, who was on his mission at the time, telling him about Paige. He was so sad. Natalie, I hope you continue this blog. I've found that writing is a very therapeutic thing - it helps to get my feelings out on paper where they aren't still blocked up inside of me. I loved your lesson on Sunday. The spirit was so strong. I look up to you, and hope to be friends. Take care, and please let me help if you ever need anything.